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Comedian Simon Evans: PG Wodehouse and the Slippery Slope

Full-length interview

A video interview for you today (some of you love them, some of you want written words, so this is one for group A).

Comedian Simon Evans joins me for a video interview in which we discuss the re-writing of Wodehouse and the nature of slippery slopes. If you prefer the podcast, ie audio only version, it is here.

NB we know we confused Alfies Moore and Brown - apologies to both.

I share a flat with Simon at the Edinburgh Festival every year and I will say that Simon is one of the most well-read and well-informed people I have ever met. He seems to spend every spare moment he has listening to audiobooks on double speed with the result that he is bursting with knowledge. In another, fairer life he would carry the same intellectual status as Stephen Fry. This interview is well worth an hour of your time - if you happen to have any of that precious commodity.

Please tell your mates about this superb interview.


Simon’s show is superb and if you are interested in going to watch him on tour, you can find out more here.

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