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The (Not-So) Lost Treasure of Sierra Madre

Interview with CEO Alex Langer

Here is an interview with Alex Langer, CEO of Sierra Madre Gold and Silver. This video was exclusive to paid subscribers, but I am now releasing it to all.

I own stock in this company. I know that we are in the thralls of a really bad junior mining bear market, and thus that you might not have the appetite for speculative silver development plays, but I still think there might be an opportunity here.

Watch the video. See what you think.

If you prefer the audio only podcast, it is here, with the transcript is here. (You can also listen via Apple podcasts, Spotify or your regular podcast provider).

My previous notes on the company are here and here.

(My guide to investing in silver is here, and if you want to buy physical, here is where to go).

Sierra Madre Gold and Silver (SM.V)

Share price: C$0.36c
Fully diluted: 148m shares
Market Cap: C$59m
Cash: US$9m

You can find out more about Sierra Madre here at their website.

Buying Canadian stocks

If you don’t have a broker who can deal with Canadian stocks, Interactive Investor is a cheap and usually fairly reliable option for UK investors.

They have their shortcomings, but they are cheap. If you sign up with them, say I referred you – – and you will get a year for free, while I gets a referral fee.

If you have signed up with Interactive Investor in the past, please can you drop me a line at the above email and let me know.


I am not regulated by the FCA or any other body as a financial advisor, so anything you read above does not constitute regulated financial advice. It is an expression of opinion only. Resource stocks are famously risky, especially small and midcaps, so please do your own due diligence and if in any doubt consult with a financial advisor. Markets go down as well as up. Especially small and midcap resource stocks. I do not know your personal financial circumstances, only you do, but never speculate with money you can’t afford to lose.

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The Flying Frisby
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