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"The digital transformation of property" - must-watch interview with Michael Saylor


A must-watch/listen interview with Miami-based, Michael Saylor, Chairman and co-founder of Nasdaq-listed MicroStrategy Inc (NDX:MSTR).


Michael is one of the most articulate proponents of bitcoin, having shot to fame in 2020 speaking so passionately about it in numerous interviews. With his company buying over 140,000btc, Microstrategy, effectively, keeps its treasury in bitcoin.

In this interview we discuss:

  • the state of bitcoin

  • the future of bitcoin

  • how changes in accounting will enable corporates to purchase more bitcoin

  • how 7% inflation destroys companies

  • why Turkey should buy bitcoin

  • gold vs bitcoin

  • Lightning, micro-transactions and their likely effect on the bitcoin price

The podcast version of this interview is here.

Don’t forget my Edinburgh Show this August, if you are in Scotland.

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Useful links:
Michael on Twitter
The Saylor Academy. - bitcoin education site

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