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Interesting moves on Friday in PMs.

I am still waiting for gold/silver ratio to hit 30 (and Uranium $80) for sell signals! I hope this 52 y old lives to see this! I dunno if u always read these Dominic - but do u do voice overs on Times Radio? I think I keep hearing your voice...

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So in 2 years gold's gone from $2000 to $1600 (20% down)

Meanwhile inflation's about 10%p/a.

So to keep pace over 24 months gold should be $2400.

Better portfolio plays are available!

I have no idea what's gonna happen, but gold seems narrative-immune. "have some gold and hope you don't ever need it" seems apt. I'm too optimistic to ever buy any gold though. And quasi pessimistic, in that if I do 'need gold', everything will be so f***ed I won't even care about it, and I'd probably just resort to theft, threats, and violence to feed my family.

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