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The UK public need urgently, to be educated on the dangers & realities of what windfall taxes would actually mean - if you think it's bad just now, just imagine what prices & economic activity would be like in an environment starved of all investment - Venezuela 2.0.

I'm not here to defend the current govt on anything - BUT, some of the rhetoric coming from the Labour opposition, is downright scary re. the "budget" response from the opposition.

As for commodities - who knows how long the markets can remain irrational??? BUT, my GUESS, is that at some point we're going to see the reality of high inflation for longer set-in. We're already seeing sector rotation with sell-off in tech & funds pouring into commodities, as a response to the Ukraine & possible supply constraints - causing these price spikes.

Personally, I think we will see further rotation into "inflation proof" tangible assets e.g. critical infrastructure / utilities / certain types of property..... oh and have to agree on gold (though it's never appealed in the past - I think things really are different this time). Apparently even Elon Musk came out recently and suggested that you should "buy physical things". I doubt however, that one of those leccy cars would make a good investment - unless you think nuclear war is imminent, in which case, you probably won't care about life cycle cost or recoverable value in year four - but who wants to die in an E.V. ?

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