Nov 13, 2022Liked by Dominic Frisby

Watch out for windfall taxes. Looks like they are heading to Australian shores.

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Dominic, I am quite buoyed by your optimistic outlook!

You write: “ The fossil fuel story is only slowly starting to change. Many are realising just how important they are and what they have made possible. Indeed, that there is a strong moral case for them, not against them.” Three huge cheers for this! It sounds like you may have read Alex Epstein’s wonderful new book, “Fossil Future.” If not, I can highly recommend it to you and your readers.

Along with the possibility that the fossil realities of electric vehicles are slowly seeping into the zeitgeist, sanity may yet prevail in the energy arena.

Thank you for starting off my Sunday morning in California on a high note and for adding the delightful new word “lustrum” to my vocabulary!

Cheers to you, sir!

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Absolutely loving your content Dominic, would you be open to allowing us to share it with our 60k+ audience as well?

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