Wonderful stuff, really fascinating. The Bobby Sands Memorial Society may object to your suggestion that it's OK to eat broth on a fasting day. That's not how you embrace immortality. As a skinny chap, my tips are to eat and drink what you like, never eat anything in restaurants, avoid communal meals, ignore advice about carbs, gluten, and 'five-a-day', and never exercise just to lose weight as that makes you tired and hungry. Well done on the weight loss. Best Loyd

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Dec 8, 2022Liked by Dominic Frisby

Thank you Dominic for your non-qualified interesting story and experiences. As a woman, I would consider myself an EBE (expert by experience) and would like to add: Everyone has to find their own way. There definitely is no: One Size fits all method - I would think, pretty much for anything, but definitely when it comes to weight-loss.

You found the 5:2 works best for you, excellent!

I too struggled all my life with about 1.5St extra weight - whilst mine never went over the 25 BMI mark, I certainly feel better close to 20 rather than 24 on the BMI scale. I don't drink, my personal demon is chocolate. Living in Switzerland, this is rather unfortunate... Coming off a chocolate addiction is pretty much like giving up alcohol. As I've never exceeded my BMI "safe range", my addiction was never really "visible".. certainly nothing serious according to my GP. But not every alcoholic is an obvious alcoholic, not every herion addict is an obvious junkie. So addictions come in every facette.

My weight literally drops off when omitting chocolate (and of course sugar - but since I'm not really a sugar junkie i.e. not eating gummy bears or cake as a replacement). My trouble is, omitting chocolate is pure will power. And, even from a scientific aspect, trying to overcome an addiction by sheer will power is pretty futile. Hence all my attempts on giving up chocolate for life is (even scientifically proven) pretty much pointless.. the addiction (driven my hormones) will win every time.

When I have good run of not eating chocolate, I don't need to be on a "diet" - I can pretty much eat anything at any given time (though I must say I am very healthy eater.. so junk food is not high on my list). So good luck to anyone that wants to lose some weight - especially now, during festive and winter season!

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Great to read about your experience. Yep, fasting hasn’t worked for me either, not the 16:8, 20:4, 10:14, whatever. Like you, I put on weight. I deleted the Zero app I was using last week and decided to focus more on the what I eat, not when I eat. I ate a lot of rubbish and ate more when I was “formally” fasting (particularly on the 5:2!). Three square meals a day, meat and three veg for dinner, and a post dinner single malt Scotch will do me. With a bit of running and HIIT thrown in.

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Phenomenal work Dominic, you're a model of discipline!

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I agree whole-heartedly Mr. Frisby. I'm the same height as you and shed the most weight using the 5:2. I don't follow it so much these days as I've managed to keep the weight off. I vary between 12 stone and 13 stone. On the 5:2 I got down to 11st 4lbs, but looked emaciated. I look best around 12st, but don't mind being 12.5st.

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Nov 20, 2022·edited Nov 20, 2022Liked by Dominic Frisby

Diets don't work, they're a temporary fix. Change in eating habits to low carb with intermittent fasting coupled with interval training. Use this as a regular lifestyle and you don't need diets. Diets are for people who have unhealthy lifestyles.

Dr Eric Berg on YouTube is brilliant for explaining keto and intermittent fasting as a lifestyle so you need never diet again. I found him brilliant.

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Well done Dominic, you are your own experiment. Building habits and a long term, lifestyle perspective is the answer.

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I've noticed that lsing weight has gotten a lot harder as ive gotten older. When I was im 20s all i had to do was cut out the biscuits and I woild shed the pounds. I do a lot ofew 16:8 now and have increased protein. I might try 5:2 as well.

Exercise is really important too i find. Hard with a young family but really need to find time for it. Eary morning is probably a good time when everyone else is in bed or find a time when the kids are at a club. I do a spinning class and a Hiit class when my daughter swims.

Another insightful piece Dominic. Thank you for putting out this content, I very much enjoy following you.

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