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A really fascinating and thought provoking chat, thank you both.

The anecdote about dyslexic handy man Ben being empowered to build swimming pools is lovely from the authentic perspective it was told by Danny. What it cloaks is that, just like it says on the tin, AI is artificial. In my day, an assistant (likely a 1st jobber from the Job Centre) would not only know what Ben was trying to say to his client but would also know the client and adjust the tone and wording of the email appropriately. There's an entire industry for unintended entrepreneurs who went from plugging the gaps for a very capable boss to realising they could do it for themselves. Tech like this is potentially very damaging for the small people whilst superficially appearing to be the opposite.

In over 30 years experience of software design and development I've seen this sort of enthusiasm for the latest game changing technology many times over. How do you prefer your reality? Virtual or augmented? Whilst I'm happy for the Bens of this world to be given a hand up the capitalist ladder I'm more sad for all the Janes and Joes who won't get to cut their entrepreneurial teeth helping the Bens to build their businesses.

I've keenly watched the evolution of AI although I've always believed it to be poorly (misleadingly?) named as intelligence belongs to the biological world. Danny mentioned bomb making instructions which is a good example of the issues around ethics. What does ChatGPT 'think' about imposing experimental medical therapies on mass populations? The answer is whatever the people who own it think. And therein lies the ultimate danger which you did touch on.

Quantum theory has advanced our understanding of the universe immeasurably but it only took 1 Oppenheimer to result in the deaths of millions and irreparable economic and environmental damage for generations. The difference is I don't see many upsides to the potential of AI but an awful lot of potential downsides. The thought of public/private initiatives in this space really bothers me.

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Very interesting listening! Inarm.

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A fantastic chat. I love Danny's enthusiasm regarding reform in teaching. I would have loved learning through an AI instructor, especially pre-calculus!

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