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Thanks for the update. Perhaps you could expound on btc one day, vis a vis physical gold:

Once of MY concerns about bictoin is that the the 'portals' could be shut down (Signature bank), akin to winning chips at the casino and having to cash them in at the cashier's office in order to transact in the real world.

To some extent, gold also has this issue, only that it's there in my hot little hand and hopefully, I could give it to someone in exchange for goods and services.

I get that I could perhaps do the same with btc though my one and only transaction for $100 via a friend to my wallet cost me $30. And not everyone will have wallet. And I'm not sure I can rely on an exchange.

One downside is that an Oz of gold represents a shit load of stuff, so that too is a downside.

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Looking forward to that btc article

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