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I must say, substack is giving me the shits as it constantly sends another bloody email before I comment. Anyhow, rant over.

Pretty impressive that you get to hob nob with the likes of JFJ Jnr, who might one day be el presidente. I think desantis has also expressed similar sentiments. We can only hope. It's good to get the colour, and yes, the fact that smart 20 - 40 yr olds are trying to get ahead of the pack is encouraging. Disc: 0.00139 BTC :)

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Thanks Christian. Yes too many emails!

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Robert Kennedy is a most impressive free-thinker on so many issues. Sadly, I don’t think he can prevail against the deep state of his own party. Most likely scenario - he will get the Bernie Sanders treatment, i.e. having his campaign ended by decree of the ultimate gerontocratic insiders inside the Democratic Party. If he, against all odds, wins the election he will have a deep state against him which will make Trump’s deep state problems seem trivial (Trump did not do too well against the cuckservatives from his own party, good luck for Kennedy getting any support against the AOCs of his he dem party). But maybe, him running at all and getting certain ideas out at the Dem side of the argument is valuable enough - many Dems will have never been exposed to the whole fiat v bitcoin side of the argument.

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