I actually have the cheapest way to invest in precious metals. It's via a spreadbetting company called BUX Markets.

They don't charge any financing on daily contracts if you fully fund the position, so the only cost is the small spread on the position.

It also removes currency exposure because a spreadbet is only "pounds per point" on the dollar quoted price. Granted, in retrospect, currency exposure to the US dollar would have been very beneficial, but I once thought that GBP would recover after a Brexit deal.

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I've held silver as the majority of my portfolio since 2010 after seeing all those videos of Jim Rogers, Peter Schiff, Marc Faber and some of the ramping from moneyweek journalists.

I totally missed the tech boom.

I even bought platinum and gold. Investment has just been a waste of my life.

If you want to make a decent return, buy the stocks the politicians own, like Pelosi. They know who they went to help.

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Any passings thoughts on an interim target price for the year?

Longer term, the round number of $50 doesn't seem ridiculous...

Or is that just me?

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