Banning the export of various commodities, seems to be a theme for 2022.

This short article might be of interest to tin / nickel bugs.https://equalocean.com/news/2022052018072/amp

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I’ve heard a couple of podcasts recently say investors in mines/miners need to think a bit more about the possibility of countries (say Canada, a country with paltry gold reserves of its own) nationalizing the miners in their jurisdictions. Is this something we really need to worry about? Any idea what that would look like? Would investors be porked?

Chris M

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When presented with the potential for a great investment opportunity in a captive market, requiring time (years), patience, commitment & a lot of cash & a lot more cash for overruns..... take your pick.....say a new refinery for diesel or fertiliser in the UK.......

What happens to that zeal in the face of windfall taxes & heavy handed environmental regulation?

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Here is a must read:


I recommend subscribing to this man’s regular

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