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I guess a subconscious narrative is

"the proliferation of nuclear power capability goes hand in hand with the proliferation of nuclear warfare capability. The latter is catastrophic, possibly an existential threat, so let's not gallolop gaily into the former"


Meanwhile the ginormous free fusion reactor at the centre of our solar system has been burning reliably for the last one thousand six hundred and eighty billion days in a row. We're pretty sure it can do another ten thousand, in which time we could panel-out the desserts and have cheap, safe, decentralised & centralised solar.

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RR - I bought in around £1.44 last October - thought the Nuclear side would prosper. RR has however been hit hard by Aviation's demise.

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Thank Dominic - I invested in RR in October 2021 at £1.44 with the same logic you cite above but its now at £0.97 - maybe I should double up?

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