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Great interview. Unfortunately I didn’t take Campbell’s suggestion to look at SXG seriously last time ... when it was about 30 cents ! I worry that Victorian government will tax anything that it can get its hands on. Anyhow, I’ll take a look at Fitzroy and I bought my daughter some FFM ... she’s has a long runway ahead of her. I own physical gold and also quite a few Oz miners , I do wonder whether “they” would ever confiscate/outlaw gold again. Any thoughts ? Here we have to fill out a form when we buy some. Agree that the TSX is far more beaten up than the ASX and Imho, better energy stocks than Australia with friendlier jurisdictions and I’m guessing more business friendly labour laws.

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Hi Christian

SXG certainty outperformed since my last interview. It’s the highest grading gold project I’ve seen for a while and reminds me of Fosterville that became Agnico’s most profitable mine. My feeling is that it will be taken over in 2024 hence my buy recommendation on it. The TSX certainly has been beaten up more than the asx; that’s why I’ve been devoting more energy to it. Good luck!

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Here's an executive summary

Sigh, hmm, don't know, sigh, sigh again.

"Speak to your stockbroker if you want to know anything."

Sigh, hmmmm, no idea, sigh, special extra resigned sigh.

Half way through, I went off to find an implement to attack myself with so I didn't have to listen to any more.

If it's that bad in mining, you should try being the bloke that actually mines the stuff.

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