Jan 4, 2009 • 56M

2009 : The View From Across The Pond

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Dominic Frisby
Readings of brilliant articles from the Flying Frisby. Occasional super-fascinating interviews. Market commentary, investment ideas and more.
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Some of CWR’s favourite guests from across the pond give their outlook for 2009

James Turk of Goldmoney ‘Gold To Break Out Over $1500

David Morgan of Silver-Investor ‘A mixed year, but a strong first quarter. 2010 will be the big year for the metals.’

John Rubino of Dollar Collapse and Green Stock Investing -  ‘Lots of five and ten-baggers in the juniors’

Bob Hoye of Institutional Advisors - ‘Policy-makers will continue to flounder. They really don’t know what they’re doing … Back to a gold standard within 5 or 6 years.’

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