Aug 14, 2010 • 43M

Mike Hampton Guest-Presents with Erik Townsend and Dave Skarica

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Dominic Frisby
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Michael Hampton aka Dr Bubb guest presents this August show and talks to Dave Skarica and Erik Townsend.

They discuss the short term and long term set-up in the markets, and examine the prospects from both a Bearish and Bullish point of view. Some indicators we look at include: unemployment data, the current preponderance of negative economic indicators, and the longer term impact of the hugely negative sentiment readings we saw back in late June. Does the bull market still have legs? Will a new rally be fueled by QE2? Or will it be overwhelmed by events associated with the Cardinal climax, or a big Elliott third wave to the downside? We also consider whether or not the market is now seeing a seasonal low in gold prices.

There was an error near the end of the podcast, in my reference to the Baltic Dry index. In fact, the chart I had seen was the “Aifreight & Logistics Index” - see chart: (thanks, Hogwild) - and not the Baltic Dry Index, which has had a tiny rally by comparison. For those with sensitive ears, you will notice that there are some minor distortions in the quality of the audio, something we will endeavour to improve on future podcasts

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