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The solution to all your Christmas present problems

The solution to all your Christmas present problems

Your Sunday morning sales piece

What are you getting people for Christmas this year?

I have the solution.

Forgive me for going full salesman, but read on and you’ll see why I do that. This is life mission stuff.

First, there are all sorts of goodies in the Dominic Frisby shop, which I think you may like. We have CDs of all my various albums, the latest (and probably best yet) being Gammon and Proud. Digital versions are also available at Bandcamp.

There is Contains Swearing, an EP of unbroadcastable songs for the discerning listener. I daren’t release digital versions of this online for fear of the repercussions. You can only get the CD.

My other albums are there in the shop too.

The best thing I’ve ever done

And so we come to Kisses on a Postcard, which is the musical based on my dad’s story of his experiences as a vacky in World War Two, that I’ve been working on for so long. It has been my life’s mission to get this made and I consider it to be, artistically, the best thing I’ve ever done or been involved with.

But trying to get people to listen to it has been really hard. In the last few weeks, however, I’ve appeared on Triggernometry, James Delingpole and Lawrence Fox’s shows to talk about it and, suddenly, some real interest has ignited. I am getting constant notifications on my phone telling me we have sold another CD and I have been getting some of the nicest messages

“I spent most of today binge-listening to the podcast on the Apple platform and it has been one of the happier days of my life thus far,” Daamini from Dubai

“I just wanted to congratulate you on such a wonderful and beautifully touching musical. I was enthralled, I cried, I laughed, I spent my whole Sunday GLUED to this amazing show. A real quality production. I think this should be essential viewing for younger generations. It HAS to be in the West End, just HAS TO BE”. Angela from Ascot.

“A heartwarming, delightful musical that keeps you right to the end. The characters are wonderful. There is tragedy, heartbreak, bigotry, compassion, courage, joy and laughter and it is narrated beautifully. Thank you for giving it to us to enjoy, a real gift”. Nat from Penryn

People really like it - and that’s because it is really good. As I’ve said, artistically, Kisses on a Postcard is the most special thing I have ever been involved with, I urge you, if you haven’t already, to listen.

A Kisses on a Postcard CD - first edition - will make the most special Christmas present, especially for anyone you know who was some way connected to the evacuation. The artwork, says Ian from from Cheltenham, is “wonderful. Such a special gift.”

So I hope you don’t mind me going full salesman, but you can probably see how much I care about this project. You can find out more at the website here and you can order CDs either there or in the Dominic Frisby shop. Thank you.


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