The US has flexed its Dollar muscle and its enemies are receiving the message loud and clear. Why would China and Russia continue to use the currency of their enemy? The answer is they won't; not for much longer. The question is when will they opt out? My bet is it'll be during the current US administration which doesn't present itself as very capable.

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I hope you are wrong, but have to agree that the timescale has been considerably reduced / accelerated by recent events & rampant weakness in the west with complete loss of leadership & values.

We've just completed year 1 of the alleged Biden administration - leader of the free world - look at the utter mess!

Imagine the situation, if we were to be subject to another 3 years of this? Or Kamala Harrris Or Nancy Pelosi as replacements.

It's hard to see a way out of this - even if Biden were to be impeached after the mid-terms, on bribery & corruption from foreign enemies.

I think we are screwed!

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