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Well Dominic, I can correct you on one point. battery chicken farming was already a thing in 1970. I learnt this to my cost when I was kicked out of school, (grammar, 5 O Levels would not get you into the sixth form, now there's some context for grade inflation).

The job I got was on a chicken farm. The cages were in rows of about 20 stacked 4 high with sloping floors so the eggs rolled out of the back, the shit however dropped through onto huge sheets of sisal paper between each layer of cages. Each morning my job was to park my wheelbarrow under the end of the roller on which the loose end of the paper was fixed and using a hand crank roll the paper along until; the clean end showed up allowing the sodden paper and shit to cascade into the wheelbarrow. This was not an odourless job.

I would then trudge off with the wheelbarrow and empty it into a pit before repeating for each of the levels in each of the countless rows. Things have gone steadily downhill since.


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I stand corrected, Hugh, and what a job. I imagine it's worse/more efficient now and some kind of machine does what you did

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I'm sure that it is fully automated now. I'm glad to say that I escaped after a few months and spent the next 12 milking cows. Longer hours but less smelly.

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