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Go You, Go Me, Go Substack and a Happy New Year

Go You, Go Me, Go Substack and a Happy New Year

Why Substack works - it creates a virtuous loop

I am very happily surprised by the success this Substack, the Flying Frisby, is having, and by the way it is growing.

I’d like to say it’s all down to you. A lot of it really is: for reading and supporting this letter. Thank you.

A lot of it is down to me too for writing it. Aren’t I wonderful?

But a lot of it is down to the platform itself.

I think Substack is great. I have encountered some of the most brilliant writing on here, stuff I don’t think I ever would found otherwise - either because it would have been in too remote a corner of the internet for me to have ever come across it, or because, without this platform, it might never have got written in the first place.

In a virtuous loop, this centre of good writing is leading to more good writing. Free thought is leading to more free thought. Everywhere blossoms. It has become the most fertile platform for philosophy, commentary and the arts. It has created a virtuous circle. Hobbies are becoming livelihoods. Isn’t that great? With free everything, the internet devalued content. Substack reverses that. It’s OnlyFans for highbrow people.

I used to think I was a brilliant forecaster of trends. I now realise it’s just that if I am thinking it, a lot of other people are thinking it too. But I’ve found I am putting more and more time and effort into Substack, both as a creator of content and a consumer of it. If I am, others are too. The platform will grow as a result, while both creator and consumer, buyer and seller, will benefit.

On the other hand, I only have so much time. With more of it expended here, I find less time available for my other endeavours (and there are lots of them). I’m supposed to be writing a new book for example. How often when I sit down to write do I find myself knocking out a Substack instead. Creating content is addictive. When readers like it all sorts of dopamines go off

My career, if you could call it that, has taken a surprise turn as a result of this Substack, which I only started it as a result of a chance conversation in the pub.

This is all a lot of pre-amble to say how much I am enjoying writing this letter, how surprised I have been by its success and how grateful I am to you for both reading and supporting it.

Thank you very much.

I wish you all a wonderful 2024.



PS If you missed my piece, How To Change Your Social Status, I made a video verson of it here:

PPS And if you fancy a festive LOL, here’s me entertaining the masses at the Free Speech Union Christmas Bash.

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