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My name is Dominic Frisby. I’ve been Moneyweek’s main commentator on gold, commodities, mining, bitcoin and forex for fifteen years, and I’ve been speculating in and investing in all those markets over that time. Moneyweek is the UK’s best-selling weekly financial publication.

I’ve written three popular books: Life After the State: Why We Don’t Need Government (2013), Bitcoin: the Future of Money? (2014) and Daylight Robbery: How Tax Shaped Our Past and Will Change Our Future (2018).

Unusually for someone who dabbles in financial things, I am also a stand-up comedian, with my speciality being comic songs. You might have heard some of them - they sometimes go viral.

I believe that low taxes and greater individual responsibility are a good thing; that fiat money is at the root of the West’s great decline; and that government is usually the problem, not the solution. That philosophy underpins most of what I write.

I’m pretty good at unearthing opportunities, especially in mining, and I’m also pretty good at spotting trends. I was early to gold in the 2000s, was covering bitcoin in Moneyweek in 2013 and, in 2014, I wrote the first book on cryptocurrencies from a recognised publisher - Bitcoin: the Future of Money? . “A great account,” said Richard Branson. “Read it and glimpse into he future.” Though I’m still not sure he actually read it.

There’ll be weekly or bi-weekly commentary on here - articles and vlogs - to help you navigate markets. That will be free. There will also occasional thought pieces on politics, economics, and general polemical stuff, by which we intend overthrow the crony capitalist regime. Those will be free too.

Paid subscribers will also get (in addition to the massive karma of helping me make the numerous blogs, podcasts and vlogs on here and constantly improve them):

  • Once per month - sometimes a bit more, sometime a bit less - a properly researched report about an investment I am making in my portfolio: a company I’m buying, a special situation, a trade, a guide to particular market.

  • Best in Class a quarterly feature, in which I identify what I consider to be the best natural resource companies in their category - the best copper miner, the best gold miner and so on.

  • Paid subscribers also get Sensible Investments with Dr John, a monthly write up on investment trusts from investor and former business owner, John Wolstencroft. (Between the two of us, you get a sensible balance between the racy and the cautious).

  • Paid subscribers also to get early access to video content and other guest contributions, of which there are plenty. You can upgrade to paid or opt out ay any time.

It’s up to you whether you decide to follow me into an investment, but if you do, hopefully, your eventual profits will more than cover subscription costs.

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Dominic Frisby 

I have an unusual double life as financial writer and comedian.