Thought Pieces

The Power of Cider VinegarRead or listen now | And the danger of Ozempic. Dominic Frisby discusses the benefits of cider vinegar as a natural weight loss alternative…
There Will Not Be A RevolutionRead or listen now | We have a broken political economy and a yearning for change, yet revolution is impossible. Find out why in this piece by Dominic…
On career risk Read or listen now | Why politicians and public servants fail to make bold decisions and why nothing changes. Dominic Frisby explores the concept of…
Tyranny of the MidwitsRead or listen now | Your Sunday morning thought piece. Unpacking the Midwit Mindset: How Above-Average Intelligence Can Hinder Decision-Making in…
There was a rally at the weekend in Trafalgar Square to protest against Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan’s, ULEZ expansion. Here is what I said.
When the government stole 11 daysListen now (4 min) | Why the tax year begins on April 6
The conflation of everything and the decline of intelligent conversationRead or listen now | Dominic Frisby explores conflation and how it has become a political weapon. He highlights many of the common conflations in…
Why Net Zero will failRead or listen now. | Net zero and other green targets will do extraordinary damage to both the environment and people's lives, while being impossible…
The Great Decline: Where Is This All Going?Read or listen now | The UK, along with the rest of Western Europe, is in a very bad place. Where does this end up? Your Sunday morning thought piece.
The terrifying statistic about UK resource security that should put the wind up every strategistRead or Listen now | There are just three ways to create real new wealth. You make stuff, you grow stuff or your mine stuff. Everything else is just…
The South Africanisation of EverythingRead and listen now | Where Britain and Western Europe are going
How Heavy?Watch now (61 min) | A lecture with funny bits about the history of weights and measures.