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My name is Dominic Frisby. I’ve been Moneyweek’s main commentator on gold, commodities, mining, bitcoin and forex for fifteen years, and I’ve been speculating in and investing in all those markets over that time. Moneyweek is the UK’s best-selling weekly financial publication.

I should warn you: I have some unacceptable opinions. I believe that low taxes and greater individual responsibility are a good thing, for example; that fossil fuels have made life incomparably better for billions of people and that government is the problem, not the solution.

I’m pretty good at unearthing opportunities, especially in mining, and I’m also pretty good at spotting trends. I was early to gold in the 2000s, was covering bitcoin in Moneyweek in 2013 and, in 2014, I wrote the first book on cryptocurrencies from a recognised publisher - Bitcoin: the Future of Money? . “A great account,” said Richard Branson. “Read it and glimpse into he future.” Though I’m still not sure he actually read it.

Unusually for someone who dabbles in financial things, I am also a stand-up comedian, with my speciality being comic songs. You might have heard some of them - they often go viral.

There’ll be weekly or bi-weekly commentary on here - articles and vlogs - to help you navigate markets. That will be free. There will also occasional opinion pieces on politics, economics, and general polemical stuff, by which we intend overthrow the crony capitalist regime. Those will be free too.

Then, at least once, but sometimes twice a month - I will post a report for paid subscribers about an investment I am making. It might be a trade, a little-known mining company, a special situation, a crypto currency. The report will be well researched and written up. I will continue to report on said investment until I decide to sell.

It will always be something I’m investing in myself. I won’t ever pump and dump. And I’ll be transparent about my sales, as well my purchases. It’s up to you whether you decide to follow me into a trade, but if you do, hopefully, your eventual profits will more than cover subscription costs.

So please subscribe. Either go for the free option, or, if you fancy, go for the paid option, to get full access to my investment decisions, and never miss an update.

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Dominic Frisby 
I have an unusual double life as financial writer and comedian. I also do a lot of audio and voice work